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Thanks Shawn. I have tried NOR boot (holding aux button while pressing power button, then releasing aux button.) I cannot even get that far. I'm going to leave it plugged into the wall charger overnight and see what happens. In the meantime i ordered an after market Nokia battery charger. They are cheap but it looks like it may take a week or so to get it. 

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Vince M. Clark wrote: 
> My battery is completely drained so I cannot boot to charge it. 
> The following thread offered three possible solutions: 
> Does anyone know where I can get an external charger that will work 
> with the Freerunner battery? 
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When my battery died I plugged my phone into the OpenMoko supplied 
charger, started it using NOR boot, leaving it at the boot menu until it 
timed out (repeat that twice) then I was about to select boot from the 
NOR menu and after a few extra seconds the phone booted. 


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