[FDOM 080927] Modem jokes on SIM entries

madis madis.listak at mail.ee
Wed Oct 1 09:21:41 CEST 2008

Hi David and Linus,

I have the same problem...
After registering if I try to open the phone book I see only message 
"Loading Sim..."
I can't see my phone book content in Sim and my FR behaves very 
strangely also.
I can't receive calls if somebody calls. My FR rings, but I am unable
to press the answer button, the touch screen is not responding.
The screen itself is ok, because all other times it works.
I can't make any phone calls, my FR says it's dialing the number,
but nothing happens in reality.


David Samblas wrote:
> Hi linus, 
> the only modification done vs the OM 2008.9 regarding gsm is the
> addition of the
> http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/feeds/2008/ipk/glibc/armv4t/base/gsm0710muxd_0.9.1+r0-gitr3ff86b129640b647ccba3d86eb243d864671b039-r0_armv4t.ipk
> packages and some configuration in the /etc/X11/Xsession.d/89qtopia to
> make it work.
> The rest is as is in the 2008.9 so you I suppose you can debug as you
> where in 2008.9 downloading the source code of Contact if you want.
> BTW I have no knowlege about any one else having this issue.
> Next FDOM release will come from a svn repository that will keep track
> of the modifications  we have done to the 2008.X to become an FDOM, then
> you will see from where a packages come(OM , angstrom or other
> repositories or direct download from OM projects or from anywhere else) 
> I hope this helps to those asking from the souce code of FDOM.
> Regards
> David Samblas
> El mar, 30-09-2008 a las 07:03 +0100, Linus Gasser escribió:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm running the latest FDOM (20080927) but still have a very annoying 
>> problem: my SIM-card is not read with regard to the address entries. If 
>> I go to the "Contacts", there is only written "Loading SIM" on top, but 
>> nothing shows. IIRC, this was no problem in ASU_0807.
>> Is there any way I can debug that to see where it stops? With the SIM 
>> not being loaded, I can neither call, nor receive calls, nor suspend. Or 
>> shall I do a binary search to see whether it's a special entry that 
>> causes this?
>> Thank you for any hint you may give me,
>> Linus
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