[2008.9] Lock ups

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 09:47:29 CEST 2008

I know that I've email on this subject before but I got no response to 
my last post, or perhaps it just didn't get through.

Regardless of what distro I use my FR is constantly locking up and has 
to have the battery removed. I tried to communicate with Pulster who 
supplied the phone but they're not returning my emails on the subject. 
I'm using [2008.9] at the moment and over the course of a few hours last 
night using the FR as a phone it locked up 6 times.

This morning I have just done a totally clean flash of [2008.9] booted 
the phone and selected the Dialer App. Phone locked with the '*' in the 
middle of the screen. I cannot ssh  into the phone of course but is 
there any other way that I can see a log file on the next power up after 
I pull the battery? Would the debug board enable me to get to the bottom 
of this? I can't log a bug when I've no idea what is causing the problem.

I really love the phone and am committed to it but I want a replacement. 
There is no way that other people phones are doing this? I've heard 
loads of people say that they're using the phone as their everyday 
phone. I'm trying but I'm tired of pulling the battery. I have a 300Yoyo 
paper weight that looks great!

Please help

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