[FDOM 080927] Modem jokes on SIM entries

Devendra Gera gera at theoldmonk.net
Wed Oct 1 10:03:47 CEST 2008

On Wed, 01 Oct 2008, madis wrote:

> After registering if I try to open the phone book I see only message 
> "Loading Sim..."
> I can't see my phone book content in Sim and my FR behaves very 
> strangely also.
> I can't receive calls if somebody calls. My FR rings, but I am unable
> to press the answer button, the touch screen is not responding.
> The screen itself is ok, because all other times it works.
> I can't make any phone calls, my FR says it's dialing the number,
> but nothing happens in reality.

I encounter the same issues. I have noticed that disabling auto suspend
and not doing _anything_ related to SIM or suspend (which means no
calls, no contacts, no messages etc.) until after ~5 minutes *after* GSM
registration helps. Then I try and make a call to my operator to verify
that everything work, and only then suspend manually. Doing this ensures
my phone keeps working when it wakes up.

I have noticed that accessing SIM contacts even beyond this procedure
breaks suspend and/or calling unpredictably. I tend to avoid using SIM
contacts a much as I can.


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