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I am looking for  programmers who can start and complete a project for me.


I am sure you know of www.fring.com  . 

Unfortunately Fring management and I cannot agree to my request as they
cannot do OEM/ODM. I am not willing to brand their name in my phone.


Simply speaking,


1.       I need a Linux based phone with WIFI and GPRS/3G capability. This
phone must be constantly connected to the internet, first priority as WIFI,
if WIFI not available (out of HOTSPOT range), then it connects to my GPRS/3G
data internet VPN and continues being connected to my SIP server.

2.       This phone must have a Fring replica program loaded in the startup.
Two main features is call in/out and instant messaging.

3.       When the user wants to call out, he dials from the program and when
receiving calls, he receives from the program. The default dial in and out
must be through data, not through GSM card. GSM voice calls will be disabled
either through the service provider or through the software you design.

4.       As for the instant messaging, it must connect to my IM server as
well. However, there must still be an SMS feature available.



If anyone can replicate the Fring program then we’re in business. I am
looking for a long term partnership with regular updates as clients request


Please do not try to take on a project you are unfamiliar with. I need quick
and efficient programming for this project.


Lastly, I would like to know a list of phones you are comfortable working
with. Remember that the phone must have GPRS or 3G connection. Not
necessarily an expensive phone. Just one you have experience with.


I can be contacted via email on mohammad at illuder.com  or on msn
illuder at hotmail.com or skype  illuder


Thank you




Mohammad A. Patel

Managing Director

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