dead battery

Linus Gasser ineiti at
Wed Oct 1 21:30:35 CEST 2008

Vince M. Clark a écrit :
> My battery is completely drained so I cannot boot to charge it. 

I usually just take out the battery and try to start it with the charger 
plugged in (never tried with the USB). A combination of

- letting it without power for 30 seconds (no battery and no charger)
- switching it on with: Press AUX - Press Powerbutton - Release AUX - 
Release Powerbutton using various timings
- putting back in the battery anyway

usually does the trick. As this sounds a bit like black magick, I'm sure 
there is somewhere a proper explanation and a "scientific" way to do 
it... Until that I stick to that what I know. Let there be light ;)


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