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On Wed, 1 Oct 2008 21:35:40 -0600 "Ori Pessach" <opessach at> babbled:

> Making the user compensate for the algorithm's mistakes before it made them
> doesn't sound very useful. Sounds like it assumes that the user has intimate
> knowledge of the correction algorithm, which you have, and I don't. Maybe
> that's why it works for you and drives me absolutely batty.
> (I'm talking about the mode where the user is expected to force a letter
> before she has a chance to find out that it's going to be corrected in an
> unhelpful way.)

it's impossible to know. how do u know what the word int he end is going to be
- if its something you haven't got in your dictionary and can't match to? that
is why the full match list exists with exactly what you typed. then it goes
into the dict and can be matched and as you use it more is more likely to be
matched. if u are on an even smaller screen or on a very bumpy bus ride you can
use hold+drag (zoom mode) to carefully enter a specific letter or word. if the
word is not in the dict - this is a way to enter it. you will know its not
there when its not offered as a correction in the short or long list. you get
to delete what u typed and type again carefully. you only need to do this once.
then it goes into the dict.

btw - you DO know u can PRESS on the list of matches on the top - not just
stroke right to accept the default "most likely" one? and you do know of the
full match list? (top-left)?

it doesnt assume intimate knowledge of the algorithm btw. you assume that it
needs it - if u keep pressing the wrong keys hold+drag+zoom is a way to fix it.
if u have a stylus and u are standing still the correction stuff is useless
anyway - so u just don't use it. just press away with stylus as if it were any
normal stylus keyboard (as u will always enter the correct word and thus it will
always be exactly what you typed).

seriously - as an experiment, when you type a word and it "gets the guess
wrong" pop up the full list and at the top is EXACTLY what you typed. look at
it then go "wow! it managed to correct THAT into the list of following words!
wow!" it's astounding how it can turn a mangled mess into a legible word. it

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