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> you will know its not
> there when its not offered as a correction in the short or long list. you
> get
> to delete what u typed and type again carefully. you only need to do this
> once.
> then it goes into the dict.
> [...]

seriously - as an experiment, when you type a word and it "gets the guess
> wrong" pop up the full list and at the top is EXACTLY what you typed.


What I really miss is having what I really typed be immediatly available as
an option (ie not having to pop up a list).
Personnaly I would even prefer by far (but might be an option) that what I
type is what is selected by default, and a "computed" word is shown in the
box that I can choose instead, if I want...

and even writing english text messages, it is too often I have to enter
unknown names, locations, emails, .... whatever....
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