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> > On Wed, 1 Oct 2008 20:32:34 -0600, "Ori Pessach" <opessach at>
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> > > I have a question about the "predictive" keyboard shown in one of those
> > > movies
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> > > --Ori Pessach
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> > Intended, you just have to understand what it's doing.
> >
> > Unlike T9 and other predictive inputs that are familiar from cellphones,
> > the keyboard predictive process looks at neighboring keys, 'predicting'
> > that periodically you may hit the wrong one.  (if you're using your finger
> > that's pretty likely, especially if they're as wide as mine)
> At first look I thought this keyboard was useless.  Coming back to it later I
> started to see how it worked, but still switched to a full dvorak layout with
> stylus all the time.
> Seeing this thread I took another look ... stylus ... finger...! Now I love
> it! I can mash all over the keyboard with my fat fingers and it makes the
> right words available almost every time!  No more squinting in poor light
> trying to get exactly the right key with the stylus.  I think I'll be using
> this predictive keyboard a lot more.

and he started doing the monster mash! mash mash mash! :) now you've got  the
spirit! :) yes. if you want to hen-peck with a stylus - use terminal (or use a
terminal where a dictionary makes no sense). if you want to write "english" and
mach about with your fingers! use default (alpha) layout and let the dictionary
fix up your monster mash. :) mash more and more over time and its idea of what
words are more important that others to match will improve over time as you use
it. of course words not in the dictionary can't be de-mashed, so just hold and
drag in zoom moved to enter them just once (per word not in the dict)... (have
the patience) and thereafter... mash away!.

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