Idea for Openmoko application: Tide updates

Alastair Johnson alastair at
Thu Oct 2 13:11:34 CEST 2008

Al Johnson wrote:
> On Friday 19 September 2008, Michael Shiloh wrote:
>> Denis Galvão wrote:
>>> On 18/09/2008, at 01:56, Adam Bogacki wrote:
>>>> I like the concept and would like to volunteer to test a prototype in
>>>> New Zealand conditions.
>>> For sure Adam.
>>> Like Michael said, we should start something in the wiki.
>>> I was looking for something similar and found this:
>>> This is what Im looking for, at least as a water proof case.
>>> Is this possible to use the actual GTA_02 hardware version to do:
>>> - Compass ?
>>> - Altimeter ?
>>> How should be the best way to have this information on the phone?
>>> Using an external hardware module?
>> I'm thinking we need to make a generic expandable water proof (or at
>> least harsh conditions proof) case for the FR.
> Have a look at - their 1900 and 3600 cases may be what you're 
> looking for. I'm going to ask them about custom cases for the openmoko, 
> either as something to clamp around as they do with their other 
> phone-specific cases, or as a total case replacement.

Otterbox would consider making a custom case if a sufficiently large 
order is placed by Openmoko rather than a third party. As a rough guide 
this is probably thousands rather than tens of thousands.

Is there enough demand? We have the outdoor contingent, but that may not 
be enough. I imagine the Sahana disaster management project [1] would 
find the phones even more useful if they were more robust, as perhaps 
would the archaeologists [2][3]. A device that can survive the warehouse 
or delivery van might find industrial markets, and one that can be 
dunked in disinfectant or steam cleaned might be useful in a medical 


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