dead battery

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Thu Oct 2 15:58:21 CEST 2008

OK now you guys are just messing with me ;-) 

Nothing is working. I've taken everything out, tried all different combinations based on suggestions from the community. 

I'm sure at this point I have a totally dead battery and old u-boot. I'll get it jump started and update u-boot. 

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Sarton O'Brien a écrit : 
> The 'leave it overnight' scenario is the best one I encounter for a dead 
> battery ;) ... I think you'll be right. 
> Sarton 

A good one is : 
- Hold down the aux key. 
- Put battery in. 
- Put usb in. 
- Hold down the power key. 
- Release aux key. 
- Wait for menu. 

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