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Thu Oct 2 18:33:39 CEST 2008

Cédric Berger wrote:
> What I really miss is having what I really typed be immediatly available
> as an option (ie not having to pop up a list).
> Personnaly I would even prefer by far (but might be an option) that what
> I type is what is selected by default, and a "computed" word is shown in
> the box that I can choose instead, if I want...
> and even writing english text messages, it is too often I have to enter
> unknown names, locations, emails, .... whatever....

Well, I can agree in this. I think that the selected word/char should be
set as default (i.e. I often write in Italian thinks like
l'<many-vocal-starting-word>, since adding any word matching to
"[clmstv]'<many-vocal-starting-word>" would increase a lot the
dictionary I do prefer using the "'" as a non-dictionary char so when
I've to write a word like that I, for example, press "l", then "'" and
finally the word.
However this doesn't work always since the "l" is quite never selected
by default also if I press exactly on it; so I've to press "l", select
it in the list, do a backspace and finally writing the word.
You can figure that it's not so good :P).

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