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Am Donnerstag, den 02.10.2008, 17:30 +0000 schrieb Matthias Camenzind:
> I tried four times to install debian on a 2GB SD. I installed once a working fine debian but I've broken the SD card. Now I get always this error:
> P: Configuring helper cdebootstrap-helper-apt
> E: Internal error: install
> Exists something i could do?

thanks for trying out Debian. I quote the FAQ from

During the "debian" stage of the install, what does "E: Internal error:
install" mean and how do I fix it? 

      * One possible cause is a problem with the armel packages in
        Debian. Check /mnt/debian/var/log/bootstrap.log for dependency
        problems or the like. 
      * If corrupt packages appear, then it might be related to the
        microSD card used in the installation, as explained in the
        discussion at the smartphones-standards. Other information are
        available in the upstream bug. 
So please check the bootstrap.log, it might help you on.


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