Neo FreeRunner CAD files

Steve Mosher steve at
Fri Oct 3 01:27:46 CEST 2008

They are ProE. ( Also IGES) STEP files too I think
If you have autodesk inventor you Should be able to import these
( I have not independently verified this so YMMV)

Not sure if that helps you.

If you post to the community list
You may find that some people have done conversions.

Hugo Saito wrote:
> Hello, 
> my co-worker and I purchased a Neo FreeRunner last July and trying view the CAD files on your site. 

What file type are these CAD file? They are appear to some sort of Mac 
OSX type.

Unable to open them on autocad, just wanted to ask what type of CAD 
files they are so I can fine the appropriate software to open them. Thanks.
> Respectfully,
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