[debian] Sephora 0.2 pre alpha 1 - Impressions and suggestions needed

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 01:35:05 CEST 2008


I have a (bit) improved version of Sephora. It is still an alpha
version, and is very far to be complete and fully running. I will
release more alpha to keep you informed about the changes.

You can find the .deb package here:


About the sources: I will start to work in a decent deb-src, but for now
you can download the sources from the bazaar repository of the project

I worked more on GPS and Phone info (a bit more). I am still searching
for suggestion (I want to trasform my FR to the Gadget of Star Trek)

Realy, try it and report everything! :)

Adding more tabs I saw that the program start to become a bit slower. I
worked on the code, and now I have to take some design decision. The
program can be launched from console with the parameter --preload : With
this parameters the start will become slower but the first panel switch
will be very fast.
Without --preload the program start will be faster, but the first switch
will be a bit slower.

I would like to know what you prefer to use. The version 0.1 was by
default with --preload.

Ah... try also --language=xx where xx is it, en, ro (and soon may be
other languages :)

So... enjoy!
Michele Renda

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