rescue my freerunner

nickd blumph at
Fri Oct 3 07:41:08 CEST 2008

Sergey Alembekov wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I played with network setting (add gprs on boot) and now my FR stuck in
> the middle of booting and i can't access via ssh throught usb.
> I don't whant to flash the rootfs becouse have no backup. So how can i rescue it?
> Sorry, if it FAQ question.
Worst case scenario, you might be able to create a backup of your rootfs 
(dfu-util -a rootfs -R -U backup_rootfs.jffs) and mount the image on 
loopback [1] and transfer your home directory back onto your Freerunner.

Maybe you could back it up onto your computer, mount on loopback, edit 
offending line, create jffs image, and reflash? Or maybe there is a 
single user mode you could access somehow.



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