[2008.9]Debugging the FreeRunner Kernel?

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 10:16:11 CEST 2008

Hello all,
    could anybody shed some light on debugging the FR Kernel. I'm 
getting constant locks of the phone and I'm trying to get to the source 
of the problem.

Just to go over some stuff that may be important. I did have [2008.9] 
installed and added some groups to contacts. I then flashed in [FSO] to 
see if that was any less locky. No luck there so flashed back in 
[2008.9]. I found I still have some groups that I defined two flashes 
ago. I didn't expect that. Is there a way to totally wipe the flash to a 
clear state before I start?

Aside from that starting place I've got [2008.9] installed and nothing 
else. I've only flashed in the images and opkg installed nothing. So 
it's a clean [2008.9]

What I'm doing to lock up the phone is opening contacts and adding 
contacts. I've never managed to add a third contact before the phone 
locks up. This does not have to be the contacts application at all. I 
can lock the phone with generally doing anything I've noticed no pattern.

I've changed /etc/syslog.conf so that I'm logging to the uSD card but I 
can't see a pattern. If I had the debug board would I be able to locate 
the source of this problem? Can I add:

kern.*                -/var/log/kern.log

to syslog.conf to try focus on the kernel. Does anybody have an opinion 
that it might not be the kernel? As it happens all the time for various 
apps I'm assuming that it's something core.

Nobody has ever responded to email on this subject so either they're not 
getting through to the list or nobody is interested. Will somebody 
please reply so that I can tell it's got to the list and nobody is 
interested in helping me find my FR's problem.


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