Where is the SD card...

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Fri Oct 3 17:02:26 CEST 2008

I have so far successfully gotten things to work (phone works again
after reboot), ssh works and all that.

I just can't figure out which device is the SD card (I want to put
Qtopia on that).

The devices I see are:

root at om-gta02:/dev# ls
MAKEDEV             kmem                mtd5
ram                 ram9                tty4
XOR                 kmsg                mtd5ro
ram0                ramdisk             ttySAC0
adsp                log                 mtd6
ram1                random              ttySAC1
apm_bios            loop                mtd6ro
ram10               rtc                 ttySAC2
audio               mem                 mtdblock0
ram11               rtc0                udev_network_queue
bus                 mixer               mtdblock1
ram12               shm                 urandom
console             mtd0                mtdblock2
ram13               snd                 usbdev1.1
core                mtd0ro              mtdblock3
ram14               sndstat             usbdev1.1_ep00
dsp                 mtd1                mtdblock4
ram15               stderr              usbdev1.1_ep81
fb                  mtd1ro              mtdblock5
ram2                stdin               vcs
fb0                 mtd2                mtdblock6
ram3                stdout              vcs1
fd                  mtd2ro              net
ram4                tty                 vcs3
full                mtd3                null
ram5                tty0                vcsa
i2c-0               mtd3ro              ppp
ram6                tty1                vcsa1
initctl             mtd4                ptmx
ram7                tty2                vcsa3
input               mtd4ro              pts
ram8                tty3                zero
root at om-gta02:/dev#

Nothing looks anywhere like /dev/mmcblk0 as the wiki says, and also
dmesg isn't much help.

Or would it be mtdblock0?

Thanks for clues and pointers!


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Running on Mandriva Linux 2008 and Ubuntu 8.04

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