Where is the SD card...

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Sat Oct 4 08:38:41 CEST 2008

Hello Neil,

>> Now I only have to figure out why I can't ssh to the FR anymore. (FR
>> can't ping to desktopmachine, while desktop does ping FR ;-)  Always
>> more fun.
> Sounds like routing.  If you mean over Wifi, and your wireless network
> is 192.168.0/24 (as mine is), the routing through eth0 will conflict
> with the default route for network-over-USB (usb0).  If that's the
> case, you can solve the problem by running "ifdown usb0" on the FR.
> (Or leave usb0 up, and instead do a route --del command.  Or modify
> /etc/network/interfaces so that the USB networking uses a different
> network, say 192.168.1/24, and reboot.  I find ifdown easiest.)

It must be a routing thing. I do not use Wifi (yet), the problem occurs 
over the USB cable. Maybe I should instead switch off Wifi, then hook up 
the USB cable and try again. I own the FR since only 2 days, so this is 
quite a new toy for me. I had it working the first evening, but I don't 
remember what all I had messed with the FR before to get there. *grin*

Thanks for the reaction and the tip!

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