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Sat Oct 4 15:04:30 CEST 2008

building it is what makes all the difference, you have the source so you can
modify one line of code, rebuild and test it.. I also think the building_fso
page is confusing, because the second part of page talks about directories
that don't exist using the makefile procedure, so you cannot gradually pass
from automatic to manual.. but i admit that i didn't look much into the
openembedded page, so probably i must just understand better.

anyway, using the automatic procedure (the makefile) i have some problems:
1) the build stops at the ttf-liberation-0.2-r2 package, install phase, and
the install log is empty
2) if i issue a make update openembedded complains that it don't know where
to update from... i actually know less than him, so the only way to update
the distribution for me is to delete all and restart from the wget makefile
this is the error i get:
roby at roby-laptop ~/openmoko/fso-makefile $ make update
( cd common ; git pull )
Already up-to-date.
( cd bitbake ; svn up )
At revision 1092.
( cd openembedded ; git pull )
remote: Counting objects: 47, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (30/30), done.
remote: Total 30 (delta 24), reused 0 (delta 0)
Unpacking objects: 100% (30/30), done.
>From git://
   7c2adf8..682d3d3 -> origin/
You asked me to pull without telling me which branch you
want to merge with, and 'branch.master.merge' in
your configuration file does not tell me either.  Please
name which branch you want to merge on the command line and
try again (e.g. 'git pull <repository> <refspec>').
See git-pull(1) for details on the refspec.

If you often merge with the same branch, you may want to
configure the following variables in your configuration

    branch.master.remote = <nickname>
    branch.master.merge = <remote-ref>
    remote.<nickname>.url = <url>
    remote.<nickname>.fetch = <refspec>

See git-config(1) for details.
make: *** [update-openembedded] Error 1*

3) which other branches are present? how do i list them? i mean: i have
managed to build the fso-testing-image branch, modifying the bb files that
depended on the ttf-liberation package. by doing this i must remove the
terminal bb recipe, and so it's difficult to use it actually. so i tried to
build fso-stable-image, but it stops the compilation on the same package
(ttf-liberation, same version) and with the identical sympthoms (empty log
file). is there actually any difference between fso-testing and fso-stable?

4) last but not least, the fso image i have created (fso-testing, removing
the ttf-liberation package) is not able to connect to the gsm network, and
write "No service" over the band meter icon. Is this expected?

anyway, i will try to flash the prebuilt image, but i would like to know how
that images are built if on my pc it actually fails.. any other got the
ttf-liberation problem?

roberto previdi

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Dale Maggee <antisol at>wrote:

> > Sorry but want to build FSO and flash it into my FR and do some work. If
> > I can make the wiki clearer in the process then well and good. Perhaps
> > it's just me that gets confused ;-)
> >
> Do you need to build it?
> you can download an image for milestone 2 from
> Apparently milestone 3 will be out in a day or two...
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