The Lost Openmoko Community

Minh Ha Duong haduong at
Sat Oct 4 20:46:35 CEST 2008

Hi Risto,

  I think the TRAC is for everybody, not just high-level hackers.
  I reported totally cosmetic bugs in the tracker, like
"there is a spelling mistake in Assassin's package desctiption"
"xterm is missing an icon"
and they got fixed simply and quickly. Nobody complains. It works really 
smoothly for simple bugs.

My understanding is that Om would like nothing more than community developpers 
take charge of the applications and distributions, so that they can focus on 
hardware, kernel and framewiork. But it's an egg and chicken think, it can' 
happen overnight.

As a community member, I feel that Om showing us total respect. Developpers, 
managers, and other all read and write to the lists. Of course it there is 
room for improvement, I could name  few Om staff who I hope are taking 
intensive evening English classes (but hey, many community members are not 
writing like Shackspeare either !). On the whole, it's just that they are 
understaffed and spread very thin: how many people would a company need to 
totally rock from hardware design to community management, including 
production, sales, kernel development, middleware development, applications 
development, interface, packaging and distribution ?

As for blog posts: There is Mickey's blog on the Planet, but indeed it would 
be nice to read from Sean more often. The Weekly Engineering Report should be 
added to the planet too. 

I will try to issue a community update this week end.


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