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Rod Whitby rod at
Sun Oct 5 00:27:55 CEST 2008

Previdi Roberto wrote:
> anyway, using the automatic procedure (the makefile) i have some problems:
> 1) the build stops at the ttf-liberation-0.2-r2 package, install phase,
> and the install log is empty

This was fixed a couple of days ago.  Did you run "make update" and try

> 2) if i issue a make update openembedded complains that it don't know
> where to update from...

The trial OE Git repository layout was changed a couple of days ago, and
the Makefile was updated to match this.  Did you run "make
update-makefile" and try again?

> 3) which other branches are present? how do i list them? i mean: i have
> managed to build the fso-testing-image branch, modifying the bb files
> that depended on the ttf-liberation package. by doing this i must remove
> the terminal bb recipe, and so it's difficult to use it actually. so i
> tried to build fso-stable-image, but it stops the compilation on the
> same package (ttf-liberation, same version) and with the identical
> sympthoms (empty log file). is there actually any difference between
> fso-testing and fso-stable?

This problem will go away once you do the two things above.

> 4) last but not least, the fso image i have created (fso-testing,
> removing the ttf-liberation package) is not able to connect to the gsm
> network, and write "No service" over the band meter icon. Is this expected?

It's not a systematic problem, since many people are able to connect
using that image.

-- Rod

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