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Sun Oct 5 04:10:12 CEST 2008

On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 12:27 AM, Rod Whitby <rod at> wrote:

> > 2) if i issue a make update openembedded complains that it don't know
> > where to update from...
> the Makefile was updated to match this.  Did you run "make
> update-makefile" and try again?
i tried but the makefile just doesn't have the update-makefile target.. No
problems anyway, i just went back to square one and wgetted a new makefile
and it seems to work. now i can even issue a make update, and i just seen
the ttf-liberation package compiled, yeah!

> > 4) last but not least, the fso image i have created (fso-testing,
> > removing the ttf-liberation package) is not able to connect to the gsm
> > network, and write "No service" over the band meter icon. Is this
> expected?
> It's not a systematic problem, since many people are able to connect
> using that image.

happy to hear this.. maybe i just made some confusion with the kernel boot
arguments, since i want to start it from the sd card and seems like uboot
don't like it very much. it's a 2 gb "ultra", but when i make mmcinit uboot
says it is a 512 mb card.. i am able to boot fso one time out of 10 or so,
and i suspect that uboot fallback to load the main kernel on the internal
memory passing it the rootfs argument of the sd, the kernel actually can
read the card without problem and fso magically boots :) (i'm not sure of
this, it's just a suspicion.. i must indagate better. is there a way, maybe
in the proc directory, to know where the kernel were loaded from? or maybe
the complete kernel image to diff against and find out?)
maybe the different kernel loaded make gsmd unable to actually use the gsm

well, thanks for your reply, my pc will compile all night now.. let's hope
to find a good fso image tomorrow morning, and let's prepare to fight
another uboot war!

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