OT: Games for scummvm?

Hans-Martin bundeshund at yahoo.de
Sun Oct 5 11:58:26 CEST 2008

Hi all,

me wants to use scummvm and downloaded some files from 
I tried 'Drascula', 'Lure ot the Temptress' and 'Flight of the Amazon Queen' 
getting mixed resolve but none game running. Drascula and FotAQ are not 
chooseable from my scummvm or me is to silly to do  :)
LotT is choosable but returns to shell saying it needs an other version from 
summvm. Well, me didnt looked too far into this because this was my first try 
and i tried the other games after that. But transfering the files needs a 
while so i stop trying now...

In short: anyone using scummvm and with what game?



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