QTextended 4.4.1

Vibhav Sharma khoonirobo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 14:57:01 CEST 2008

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> I just flashed QTextended 4.4.1. on my FR (becoming adventurous), and it 
> works quite well.
> Something I found:
> - pairing a Bluetooth device works well
> - switching OFF the Bluetooth device makes the FR hang
> After removing the battery and rebooting:
> - switching ON the Bluetooth device makes the FR hang
> In both occasions, a small timer-clock starts revolving and at "14 
> seconds" it stops and is determined to stay there.
Hi all,

Not tried bluetooth, but been using QTextended since yesterday, and here 
are my observations:

1. On incoming call, ringtone is played from ear-phone instead of 
speaker-phone. Media player also plays back using ear-phone.
    * by ear-phone I mean the speaker where you put your ear to to 
listen to other party in voice call and speaker-phone is the speaker on 
the side.

2. Power management can be a little erratic. I.e. I changed settings so 
that phone does not suspend even on battery (worked). Changed it to 
suspend again after 50s (did not work). Shutdown and restarted phone 
(suspending properly again).

3. Executing 'apm' from terminal earlier used to give battery status ... 
does not any longer. I'm assuming this is related to battery icon 
showing empty.

4. Wifi configuration worked perfectly from gui. Except for empty 
'resolv.conf', I vaguely remember seeing somewhere that have to do stuff 
to get that working. Will look into that. 'System Info' network showed 
wrong gateway (IP assigned to device instead of gateway IP). But 
configuration was correct according to 'ip route show' and it was 
working ok.

5. Contact upload from vcf worked. For newbies: path is now 
/opt/Trolltech/Qtopia/... instead of /opt/Nokia/Qtopia/... if you are 
using the instructions from
http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Import_Vcf_Contacts . Will update wiki on 
this soon.

6. Phone UI freezes for some time (30s) sometimes (rarely). Not been 
able to do any further analysis as to when / why / how.

7. Desperately need info on how mapping demo can be configured etc. Need 
to cache maps. It seems you can't move around / zoom.

any way we could provide you with debugging info / help that you require 
to get this working perfectly. If you could guide us to some links etc 
for the same.
Would be much appreciated.

If anybody has observed these issues in their setup / worked around 
them, pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

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