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Sun Oct 5 15:01:37 CEST 2008

Cédric Berger wrote:
> Porting android should be possible, but only when its sources are
> released (should be when first android phones are available)

The first Android phones are due to be available on 22 Oct 2008 in the US .
I'm really hoping to see what sort of progress will be made after that.

On a different front, will it be possible to port Android applications (not
the whole OS, just the apps) to distros running on Neo phones? For instance,
if I had a FreeRunner, could I run Scan  on it*
now or soon (i.e. without having to wait for Android to be ported), and how
much work would this be?

Thanks for your help, and apologies it I've missed answers to my question in
the mailing lists: I'm still learning my way around OpenMoko and Android
terminology, and am by no means an operating system developer.



*Assuming I tweaked Scan to let me type in the barcode numbers rather than
submitting photos, since the FR doesn't have a camera.

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