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I agree with what you are saying. When I bought the phone I knew there were
some issues, but I had confidence in the hardware. I also had the impression
it wouldn't take much time to be able to use it as a very basic phone. Maybe
I was wrong with my assumption.
Even the so called reliable and stable qtopia had missing sms messages,
picking up a call and no sound, lost pin enter screens, echo and resume not

Would be nice to have one basic image with a focus on these issues. Even if
it slowed down development. I guess developers also need a phone, don't

> When people complain about their FR not being usable as a phone, they
> get answers like this one:
> ``I appreciate that many of you purchased the FR to use as your daily
> phone. But I really believe that the magic of Openmoko comes from what
> we do with this platform that is different from, and way beyond, a mere
> phone.''[1]
> Exaggerating just a bit, it sounds like:
> ``My FR is not working as a phone!''  -  ``Well son, it was never meant
> to be a phone.''
> That's just one random example but to me it feels like the general
> direction of many OM staff postings.
> So to pick up my earlier point: Why does not explicitly
> state that the phone's software is not ready for reliable daily use?
> There should also be a note about the possibility that the FR with your
> provider in your region will be suffering from GSM buzz. Thus being
> unusable as a phone.
> Ole
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