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su, 2008-10-05 kello 06:01 -0700, sampablokuper kirjoitti:
> On a different front, will it be possible to port Android applications (not
> the whole OS, just the apps) to distros running on Neo phones? For instance,
> if I had a FreeRunner, could I run Scan  on it*
> now or soon (i.e. without having to wait for Android to be ported), and how
> much work would this be?

You need to modify the VM to target arm4 and use X11 for display (and
handle environment integration in a sufficient manner for the desired
apps). Probably one of the bigger pieces of porting work with the whole
system, since it's decidedly not just a recompile away. Probably not an
insane amount of work though either, but this is from a guy not doing

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