[u-boot] Unable to boot issue (debian?)

Matthew Lane malane at purdue.edu
Sun Oct 5 22:11:23 CEST 2008

I have placed the latest gta02v5 and up u-boot into my NAND boot 
section, and when I try to boot I only get a "Boot" option and it fails 
to boot (something about mtdparts variable not set).  My NOR can boot 
into my newly flashed FDOM image, but whenever I flash the gta02v5 and 
up u-boot I get the same results.  I've even zero filled my NAND u-boot 
section and tried to reflash a new u-boot.  This issue first occured 
when I was trying to configure my NAND u-boot to boot debian from an SD 
card.  Can anyone help?

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