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Mon Oct 6 01:39:37 CEST 2008

On Mon, 6 Oct 2008 01:11:39 +0200 Richy <klemmster at> babbled:

> I somehow managed to get it to work to some extend.
> The phone isn' ringin, just vibrating, but I can talk and hear during a
> call..
> make sure you have gstreamer installed,
> also I added a lot of packages, with alsa, gst, openmoko-state, etc.
> Didn't work until reboot. (And due to the Neos booting-time I don't want to
> reboot after each package just to check...)
> Now, some PIM-software and this is near perfect :-)

coo. btw - i will eventually one by one suck in frameworkd and other apps - but
i want to be very "high quality" about this - only include in the base what
absolutely works or works well - or what i'm directly developing at the time
(as i then have direct ability time etc. to make it work well).

for now it's just a start. needs much more polish.

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