microSD single ext2 or ext3 partition boot?

Alex Osborne ato at meshy.org
Mon Oct 6 04:01:00 CEST 2008

On 06/10/2008, at 11:49 AM, feywulf wrote:

> setenv menu_9 Boot from microSD (ext2): setenv bootargs \$ 
> {bootargs_base} rootfstype=ext2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootdelay=5 \$ 
> {mtdparts} ro\; mmcinit\; ext2load mmc 1 0x32000000 \$ 
> {sd_image_name}\; bootm 0x32000000

I think it would.  For me $bootargs_base also contained root= and  
rootfstype= pointing at the flash which was giving the kernel some  
confusion having them specified twice, so if you have problems with  
it check that.

> I'm thinking that the 0x32000000 might indicate an offset to where  
> the partition starts when you have an 8mb vfat partition first.   
> Should it be changed to 0x0?

No.  0x32000000 is the memory address the kernel will be loaded to.   
So ext2load reads the file $sd_image_name into memory starting at  
address 0x32000000.  Then bootm 0x3200000 jumps there to start the  
kernel running.


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