discouraged: projects.openmoko.org unmaintained?

Javi Roman javiroman at kernel-labs.org
Mon Oct 6 09:24:35 CEST 2008

> this is a problem that happens often enough - projects.om needs a a reboot i
> think (i think that was the fix of last resort last time), but this has
> happened every now and again and will keep happening as i understand its some
> issue with pam sometimes and ssh and maybe mysql or something - not sure, but
> the result is that for hours or days you'll be stuck unless you file a trac
> ticket with om's admin team - and then they need to get around to it.
> as such i moved illume off projects.om myself after yet another incident of
> this (which basically meant for hours i was stuck not being able to work as i
> couldn't build an update to test as OE feeds off public svn and i couldn't
> commit my changes and up the svnrev to rebuild and test on the device). but i
> have the luxury of having a rather hefty and well maintained svn server on
> enlightenment.org to use - which i also have admin access too (which to date
> has been up continually 24/7 without hassles). it also made sense that illume
> can track efl and e much better being in the same spot and building with the
> same srcrev thus staying in sync. but that's me :)

It's time to give a try to google, It´s a pity ...

    - Javi Roman

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