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Mon Oct 6 10:07:39 CEST 2008

Le lundi 06 octobre 2008, community-request at a écrit :
> Stroller let's assume it is Possible. I had a long chat with Sean
> today. We both read the community list daily and our number one topic
> of conversation was the "Lost community" thread. Sean asked me what
> I thought of having a community manager. ( he was reading my mind again)
> On one hand, I said, Stoller has some good points ( as always). It would
> be a bit like herding cats, and in someway we want interesting cats,
> wandering off to do things that A) we didnt think of and B) we disagree
> with. basically because we don't know everything. On the other hand,
> we do recognize the benefit to be had from a little bit of structure.
> I have my ideas about what a community manager would do to organize and
> mobilize, But before I put those ideas down, I'd like to throw it open
> to the community. Question: what functions do you see a community
> manager performing. Write his job spec. ( hint hint)

I am most curious to see what Lorn and Michael come up with. I have never seen 
such a job spec, but someone who:

- Subscribes and read all mailing lists, writes and disseminates community 
- Has root on the community-facings servers, to bring immediate benefits like 
fixing the repeated messages in mailing lists, google search mediawiki 
extentions, do the community-repository interface.
- Gardens and grows the translation teams and local user groups system.

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