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Alex Osborne ato at
Mon Oct 6 15:40:11 CEST 2008

Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>   Please make sure that the feed is not syndicated without discussing it with 
> Alasal (the author's blog) again. Two weeks ago we decided against including 
> it because he had mixed feelings about the planet:
Sorry, I hadn't seen that.  I should have asked, but I didn't see an
obvious way to contact the author and I didn't realise anyone would
actually not want to be included. :-(
>   Of course, nothing prevents us to ask him again
> *** with hearts of it and lots of sugar, pretty please ***
Alasal, please, is there any chance?  It does look so much better with
your posts in there.  In the mail Minh linked, you said you want to draw
visitors directly to your blog for adsense.  Blogger has an option under
"Site Feed" settings that gives out a "short" feed that only has the
first paragraph of each of your posts and you have to click through to
see the rest.  Perhaps you could set that on your blog and that way the
planet could actually be a source to increase your visitors?  In fact I
only found out about your blog through someone else mentioning it in the
planet.  If not I will ask to have it removed again.
> Of course that is not going to make the planet suddenly less a mixed bag.
The signal drowns out the noise if we have enough people who tag their
posts properly? ;-)  It's actually pretty good at the moment, there
seems to be only 2 off-topic posts in there.  I would volunteer to edit
it, but I don't think I'm reliable enough to do it constantly. :/
> I love the idea of being language inclusive by default. Down-to-earth 
> convenience also suggest that we need "I can read this language" checkboxes 
> and cookies somewhere...
Right.  Anyone know any libraries that do language detection?  Heck, I
wouldn't mind if it fed everything through an automatic translator. 
It's a pity Google's language AJAX API has such restrictive terms of



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