Echo issue on OM2008.08 solved

Daniel Nöthen bip_trash at
Mon Oct 6 18:17:26 CEST 2008


I've found out that the echo suppression works only one time after qpe was
started. At least this applies to me.

Phone: freerunner (gta02)
Dist: OM2008.09 

"grep AT%N0187" gives me a match.
So I assume that Florians patch got into OM2008.9

Here is a step by step list of how it behaves to me:
1. Boot the freerunner
2. Make a call -> no echo
3. Hang up
4. Make a call -> echo
5. Hang up
6. /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart
7. Make a call -> no echo
8. Hang up
9. Make a call -> echo

With the above state file I was able to bring up the "Speaker" volume up to
without hearing any echo on step 2 and 7. 
The volumes on both sides were very good.
On step 4 and 9 I could only bring up the "Speaker" volume to 79%.
Above 79% the echo came back.

So it seems that the echo suppression command (AT%N0187) gets reset after
every call.

Can anyone confirm this?

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