one day usage of qtextended

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at
Mon Oct 6 18:57:53 CEST 2008


I've used the qtextended distro for one day as a regular phone, here
are my experiences:

- first of all: battery life seems to be ok, after one day the battery
meter was still at 80%. Nice!
- echo issue: with my alsa state file, no issue anymore
- gsm suspends/unsuspends fine (for calls and sms's too)

So far the good stuff, now the bugs:
- alarm clock doesn't work after unsuspending (workaround: ssh'ing into
my phone and manually manipulating at)
- the predictive keyboard has troubles switching between its different
screens (numbers, lower case, upper case, ...). So sometimes I'm stuck
with numbers and can't get it to change to letters
- the full keyboard is almost unusable on the phone, it is just too
- sometimes a call arrives (happened with "unknown caller" only) and
when I answer, I can't hear the sound (I don't hear the sound click
that you hear in the headphones, and no sound arrives)
- sometimes a person calls, and the call registers twice (one arrives 2
seconds later). Maybe this has something to do with the same contact on
sim as in an imported vcf file?
- sms's in the trash can are counted as new ones when a new sms arrives
- sms's show up double (only emptying the trash after deleting them
seems to fix this).
- at the end of a call, the alarm sound always plays at full volume
from speaker

And some inconveniences:
- when using the dialer and then selecting a contact, it would be nice
to have the same letter-select as in the normal contact-list
- the favorites menu from the home-page doesn't allow you to add items,
the favorites menu from the settings or aux-button do this correct
- when adding a contact as a favorite, I can no longer delete this from
the favorites
- mp3's play choppy, even ogg's experience this (especially when
touching the screen while the player is on)

That's about it for now ... comments, suggestions, fixes anyone?


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