one day usage of qtextended

Craig B. Allen cba at
Mon Oct 6 20:13:58 CEST 2008

Comments and additions:
> - mp3's play choppy, even ogg's experience this (especially when
> touching the screen while the player is on)
128k mp3s from podcasts play fine, haven't tried music or ogg.

- I have been unable to get wifi at home working (WPA2) despite
several attempts.

- feed address is wrong; changing it to 4.3.2 connects but finds no
packages (browsing there shows several).

- no way to install packages downloaded with wget

- finger scrolling too sensitive - often launches programs

- frequent "messages" from "129" (apparently transmissions from
T-Mobile that indicate that I have voicemail waiting show up in the
new message queue, they should be handled quietly in the background
and set a new voicemail indicator in the UI.

- I have not seen any documentation on phone features, other than the
help system (bravo that it exists!), like the little grey globe in the
header on the homescreen.

- help system sometimes describes features that don't appear to exist.

- record audio doesn't.

- browser doesn't see USB network

- rotated screen squashes graphic elements (e.g. icons)

- "smart' theme has no way to get to dialer

I have to say that Qtextended is fast and works better as a phone than
other distributions I have tried.  There are obviously many kinks and
applications to be enhanced, but we could do worse than a marriage of
the qt apps and FSO.

Kudos to the trolls!

-- Craig

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