HELP! Phone NAND u-boot borked and phone won't charge.

Konstantin Chaosspawn23 at
Mon Oct 6 20:28:41 CEST 2008

Matthew Lane wrote:
> Does anyone know why my NAND is borked, and how I can fix it?  
> Reflashing it from NOR isn't working, as the latest gta02v5 and up 
> u-boot only gives the "boot" option and gives me a mtdparts error.

If I understood you correctly, you are experiencing the same problem as I was a
few weeks ago. I think the problem is that the NAND configuration (that is, the
configuration for the menu items in the NAND menu) is stored on a seperate
partition from the uboot, so reflashing won't change it (actually, this is
probably a good thing, because that way you don't have to rebuild your custom
boot menu everytime you update your uboot).
I fixed that by asking someone in the irc-channel to kindly send me a backup of
his u-boot_env partition and flashing it on my freerunner. And then, you could
also just boot into nand and reconstruct the boot menu manually (see for details)


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