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Mon Oct 6 20:48:59 CEST 2008

OK, It's good. I still have the mixed feelings about the cluttered and
multilingual planet, but I'm done with experimenting with adsense. Also I
had many reactions that were asking me for including my blog into the

I will not set the posts length for syndicated feeds, because I hate it when
I discover other blogs doing that. When I'm reading, I don't want to stop
and click somewhere else to get the rest. Maybe I will include an analytics
setting for knowing the post that are read and how many times.

Greetz and happy reading ;)

Alex Osborne wrote:
> Minh Ha Duong wrote:
>>   Please make sure that the feed is not syndicated without discussing it
>> with 
>> Alasal (the author's blog) again. Two weeks ago we decided against
>> including 
>> it because he had mixed feelings about the planet:
> Sorry, I hadn't seen that.  I should have asked, but I didn't see an
> obvious way to contact the author and I didn't realise anyone would
> actually not want to be included. :-(
>>   Of course, nothing prevents us to ask him again
>> *** with hearts of it and lots of sugar, pretty please ***
> Alasal, please, is there any chance?  It does look so much better with
> your posts in there.  In the mail Minh linked, you said you want to draw
> visitors directly to your blog for adsense.  Blogger has an option under
> "Site Feed" settings that gives out a "short" feed that only has the
> first paragraph of each of your posts and you have to click through to
> see the rest.  Perhaps you could set that on your blog and that way the
> planet could actually be a source to increase your visitors?  In fact I
> only found out about your blog through someone else mentioning it in the
> planet.  If not I will ask to have it removed again.
>> Of course that is not going to make the planet suddenly less a mixed bag.
> The signal drowns out the noise if we have enough people who tag their
> posts properly? ;-)  It's actually pretty good at the moment, there
> seems to be only 2 off-topic posts in there.  I would volunteer to edit
> it, but I don't think I'm reliable enough to do it constantly. :/
>> I love the idea of being language inclusive by default. Down-to-earth 
>> convenience also suggest that we need "I can read this language"
>> checkboxes 
>> and cookies somewhere...
> Right.  Anyone know any libraries that do language detection?  Heck, I
> wouldn't mind if it fed everything through an automatic translator. 
> It's a pity Google's language AJAX API has such restrictive terms of
> service.
> Cheers,
> Alex
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