Re: Re: one day usage of qtextended

rhn rhn at
Mon Oct 6 21:42:35 CEST 2008

A short sneak peek on qtExtended. Disclaimer: I downloaded the image from main page of and the kernel image from SDK package advertised on qtextended website.

> - I have been unable to get wifi at home working (WPA2) despite
> several attempts.
I made asuccesful connection to unsecured network at home, but since then the deice began stopping responding for ~5 secs every ~20 secs. Very annoying.
> - feed address is wrong; changing it to 4.3.2 connects but finds no
> packages (browsing there shows several).
I tried to downloaded packages, but it stalled somewhere before showing any relevant info.
> - browser doesn't see USB network
It didn't want to cooperate with the wlan connection; after trying any website, either "http://" was replaced by "file:///" or just "file:///" prepended to the address.

Some of the games require pressing "select" to start and there's no hint as to what the "select" is.

Also, the handwriting recognition doesn't work terribly well - the input fields are too smal and the touchscreen input is too inaccurate to make handwriting comfortable. Switching back from the keyboard to handwirting was a bit confusing, too.

I hope this helps improving the distro!

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