Detructor steffen.linux at gmx.de
Tue Oct 7 00:36:54 CEST 2008

Why is there no distro with GPRS/WLAN support?
After (dunno...5 or 6 months?) there is still no distro for the neo
freerunner that has a GPRS/WLAN support, that works.

yeah, you'll say "but there is the OM2008.x stuff" and I'll answer: it
simple does not work! I mean...WLAN works only per editing config files
(there is no working GUI for encrypted WEP WLANs) and GPRS...you've to
disable your PIN...sorry, but I don't have that much money, to let
someone steal my neo/SIM and use it to call his or her friends in china
or somewhere else. So it simple does not work.

Now you'll come with qtopia...and I'll say: yeah...errhm...there is a
GUI (good) but it does not work, because the ppp module isn't builded
into the kernel (mwester) and there is no kernel from nokia/trolltech
yet (why?)

hmmm...now, there is Debian, I don't know if it works there...because I
don't have the space to install it on the neo.

and FSO and SHR doesn't have images, yet. (FSO not before spring 2009)
and nobody knows when the SHR will come with an image.

Now...when will there be a GPRS capable image? 2009? 2010? never? or
packaged with Duke Nukem Forever in the software pack "For what you've
waited all your life" that ships just 2 days after my death?

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