one day usage of qtextended

Craig B. Allen cba at
Tue Oct 7 03:11:01 CEST 2008

I may have spoken too soon...

> 128k mp3s from podcasts play fine, haven't tried music or ogg.

- In a more extended listen, there were slight gaps or stutters; need
to test more (but not soon - see below)

> I have to say that Qtextended is fast and works better as a phone than
> other distributions I have tried.

- Unfortunately, that's not a very high bar.  Found what is a fatal
flaw today when I received a call forwarded by Grand Central.  For
these calls, I need to press "1" to take the call.  I can get to the
keypad but then the erroneous and redundant "missed call" window pops
up and makes it impossible to proceed.  I'm hoping this will be an
easy one to fix.

Meanwhile, it's back to the Razr... sigh.

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