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> 2008/10/1 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at>:
> > eg:
> >
> > Press | Guess+dist
> > e       e+0 w+1 r+2 d+2 s+1
> > r       r+0 t+1 e+2 f+1 g+2 d+3
> > k       k+0 l+1 o+2 i+3 j+3
> > d       d+0 f+1 s+1 e+1 c+1 r+2 w+2
> I assume this takes into account the keyboard layout, so if I use
> dvorak or some random layout, it'll do the right thing. Right?

yes. of course. i was just using qwerty as the example - it doesnt care what
the layout is. a key is an object in a location on the canvas that emits a
string (converted to a keystroke) or a direct keystroke (f1, escape, tab,
etc.). only keys that emit strings are used for dictionary lookup - those that
emit a keystroke end any string composition and then just emit exactly that
keystroke. when it looks for nearby keys it hunts through everything in the
layout and just bases it on geometry. so it's generic. do a dvorak .kbd file
and it'll "just work".

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