Making sound work (was Re: New Rasterman Image...)

David Pottage david at
Tue Oct 7 13:15:16 CEST 2008

On Mon, October 6, 2008 12:11 am, Richy wrote:

> I somehow managed to get it to work to some extend. The phone isn'
> ringin, just vibrating, but I can talk and hear during a call..
> make sure you have gstreamer installed, also I added a lot of
> packages, with alsa, gst, openmoko-state, etc. Didn't work until
> reboot. (And due to the Neos booting-time I don't want to reboot
> after each package just to check...)
> Now, some PIM-software and this is near perfect :-)

I am also having trouble with sound. I can hear the other party during
calls, but apart from the The phone loudspeaker appears not to work. I
don't get any ring tones, and I can't hear music from media plays such
as pythm. I have installed pymixer, and have maxed out all the sliders
but still nothing.

I have also tried installing the snd_pcm_oss kernel module out of FSO,
but it will not load due to undefined symbols.

Any ideas. I am running the latest FDOM (Based on ASU 2008.9).

David Pottage

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