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On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 8:44 PM, Bastian Muck <bastian.muck at gmx.de> wrote:

> I had no problems with echo. But I can confirm the other issues. And one
> is missing: I can't recieve SMS. Does anyone? I wrote one to myself and
> a friend wrote one. after half an hour i turned neo off and put the card
> in my old phone and this recieved both messages.
> But now, i have another issue: somehow the theme changed. And at this
> theme the buttons at the bottom don't appear. so I neither can change
> nor  do any other  important things.
> I used FR with Qtextended as my one and only daily phone today, because I
lost my Motorokr E6 the night before the last (using OM2008.8-update was an
actual waking nightmare yesterday).  I have been very happy with the results
so far, but the problems I have found, confirming yours are:

1. Default volume too low: had to hand-edit gsmhandset.state, the volume
control in settings > call settings did not do the trick
2. Using the headset during a call requires you to select speakerphone from
the menu - audio is routed usually through one earphone, but for the mic,
you have to use the FR's speaker-mic.  Selecting headset does not work -
Could this mean the settings in gsmheadset.state and gsmspeakerout.state
have been interchanged?
3. Strong echo heard by most of the callers
4. Phone needs to be reminded of power management functions when plugged in
- I have already saved the settings in (added to) my profile
5. Whenever a new SMS is received, the phone reports earlier messages as
unread in the popup notification
6. Some messages are received twice
7. Somehow, the phone seems to create copies of messages in the inbox - I
now have 159 messages in one day, when the total received was perhaps 16.
Sent items shows the correct number
8. In GPRS settings, I can't modify the APN setting, so there is no way to
figure out if it works.  The wiki says here [1] that it should be specified
in the chat file.  However, I don't know if Qtextended uses the same
functionality to connect to GPRS.  There are no such files in /etc/ppp
9. I don't think networking through usb0 works correctly.  I have specified
my proxy in settings > internet > new > ethernet, also exported it as an
environment variable under SSH, but no cigar.  Ping to www.google.com or doesn't seem to work.  I am using Freeproxy as a bridge
between my corporate lan on my laptop, and the FR
10. Due to 9 above, settings > software packages does not work.  Neither
does opkg, for much the same reason, although I believe nothing should be
installed from the OM repositories
11. What about GPS? Both 8 and 9 mean there is no way to test how it works.
Plus there are hardly any tried and tested routing / navigation applications
available (roadmaps seems to be experimental, haven't tried it).  We need
something like TangoGPS or Navit
12. The qwerty keyboard is too tiny and a bit messy.  The predictive
keyboard seems to have done away with the right-to-left flick for backspace

So there are twelve problems I can enumerate quickly, but they are not
showstoppers. I believe most of these issues will be cleared up quickly.
Battery life is much better than under any of the OMs, applications start up
much faster and I haven't even tried fastload yet, and respond much faster

All in all, FR with Qtextended (4.4.1) is the closest I have gotten to a
phone, much better than the 2007.2 factory image, which was quite buggy, and
of course, everyone's favourite 2008.x.

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