Neo1973 GTA01 available on eBay

Clarke Wixon cwixon at
Wed Oct 8 00:16:10 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

I've been a member of this community for a long time, but in recent months I
haven't been able to give back as much as I would like.  As a new parent, I'm
finding that time is at a premium, and I haven't been able to do nearly as much
development as I originally planned.  Basically none, I'm afraid.

So, reluctantly, I have put up my original (Phase 1) GTA01 up on eBay.  I know
these units are in short supply, but it's still a nice and perfectly usable
device.  I hope someone might be interested in picking it up and helping to make
sure the community of GTA01 owners is still supported as originally promised. 
I'm looking at you, Openmoko Inc.!

Anwyway, it's item number 300264794992, and the auction ends on Monday, October
14 at 12:41pm PDT.  Included is an 8GB MicroSDHC card from Sandisk.

Best wishes!  I'll still be following the community closely, and I hope I can
dive back in when things have settled down (both at home and in the OM
universe), and pitch in a little bit then.


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