[FSO] LED state 'blink' suggestions

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Wed Oct 8 03:09:53 CEST 2008

In the past I'd played around with the LEDs a bit manually, and harking
back to that when I poked into /etc/freesmartphone/events/rules.yaml and
saw under PowerStatus:
SetLed("gta02_power_blue", "blink")

So I set BOTH to blink, which will produce purple.  Unfortunately, it only
works out once in a while - usually it's orange->blue->off,

In order of perceived difficulty:

I wanted to suggest adding a control for gta02_power_purp, defined to be
both _blue and _orange simultaneously.

I also wanted to suggest adding a slow/long blink.

And bringing it all together, I wondered: why not allow multiple blinks? 
IE, if both purp=slow and blue=blink are set, then blink short blue, dark,
long purple, dark.  If blue=blink and blue=blink are set then blink blue
twice, pause, repeat.

The capstone would be to automatically detect and deal with situations
like: Orange=light blue=blink, ensuring that orange is shut off while blue
is on, since blue was requested NOT purple.  (This would allow for orange
lit while charging, plus blue blinking for unread messages, purple for
incoming call, etc)

Where are these things handled - in frameworkd or lower?


PS - suggestion for future hardware: Put an RGB LED behind the aux button,
instead of just red... Full 24-bit control, 0-255 each red/green/blue. ;)  
(I realize getting actual 8bpc resolution would likely be more trouble/cost
than it's worth, but some variability in intensity would be nice, instead
of just on/off - with RGB that'd mean things like smooth blends from red to
yellow and back to red, for example)

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