[QtExtended] Snapshots? Yes, please!

MartinG gronslet at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 15:03:37 CEST 2008

Hi all, just wanted to share my experience with QT Extended:

1) First off - I put [QtExtended] in the subject - hope this is okay.
I have found it extremely convenient when others have done it, as it
makes it easy to (quick)filter on subject. I would encourage other qt
users to do the same.

2) I have tested uImage-gta02-g291a9d50_mwester-stable.bin (from
 and qtextended-4.4.1-gta02-rootfs-release-10022309.jffs2 (from

I am quite impressed!

3) I can confirm most of the bugs already mentioned here earlier. Are
we supposed to file bugreports here?:
I couldn't find any section for QT Extended, nor for Neo/Freerunner.

4) Networking: The menu in Settings/Internet is confusing:
Are we supposed to tap to select *and* tap to activate/deactivate?
There is no feedback on activation/deactivation - it takes several
seconds for "pending" to appear. If it fails, sometimes nothing is
shown. Is it possible to select without activating/deactivating?

Would it be possible to make the icons bigger, and thus making it
easier to hit the right entry?
And also making an activate/deactivate button next to the entry to
make it more intuitive?

The first time I tried to add my local wlan network, I really didn't
understand the logic in the settings: First add wlan, then add
To add new networks, I need to a) select wlan, b) Options->wlan
detection, c) wait for autoscan to end, d) options-> add new
networks..., e) select new network.
Okay, it works, but is it the best way? Am I doing anything wrong here?

5) I know I can read the log by "logread". Is there an option to make
it behave like "tail -f /var/log/messages"? (btw, where is the log
("logread -h" isn't very helpful)
Gees - "logread -f" does the trick! Useful when debugging ppp :)

6) As mentioned in the subject: If there were binary snapshots
available, I would surely use them. I think Lorn Potter mentioned here
on the list that they were waiting for an "OK" from above, hope it
happens soon...

Main issues:
7) volume/mic not properly adjusted when making a call: other part
can't hear me, and I get too much noise to call it okay.
I tried the gsmhandset.state provided by Franky (attachment to "Re:
one day usage of qtextended"), but it didn't really solve the problem
for me. Manually tweaking mic1/2 (and others) in 'alsamixer' during a
call (usb, ssh) convinced me that it really can be done, but it is
really hard to find the correct ratios.

8) Wireless connection seems unstable. I have had package loss
reported by 'ping'.

9) Email: I was not able to retrieve the folder structure of my IMAP
account. I get socket error, and sometimes that the other end
disconnected. I guess this is related to 8). Once I managed to get
parts of the structure before it failed.

10) Keyboard: As mentioned before by others, switching keyboards in
PredictiveKeyboard is not always working - I have to struggle for
quite some time to make it work. Thus, I have never managed to write a
single sms using my fingers.

11) How do I create a dictionary for my language (Norwegian)? I have
seen that Trolltech provides other languages, but I guess the open
source nature of Qt Extended should make it possible for me to compile
this myself? Can we convert stuff from eg. hunspell in some way?
Really - for non-english users, especially here in Europe, we cannot
use this as a regular phone without being able to write sms in our
national language. Not meant as a rant, just an observation. I'd be
happy to help out making other dictionaries!

12) Great to see ppp support in the lates mwester kernel
(uImage-gta02-g291a9d50_mwester-stable.bin)! Too bad I didn't manage
to get it working. Anyone had any luck? Do I really have to tweak all
those /etc/* files?


13) Web browser: Not much feedback provided when entering a URL. Also
- PredictiveKeyboard doesn't make much sense when writing urls, as it
forces the use of a dictionary. Also, it would be great to have a "Go"
button next to the location bar, to make it easier to "press enter".
It is possible to add active pages to the "speed dial", but there is
no way to quickly select a "bookmark" from within the browser. Guess
this will come later?

14) When using widescreen mode, it seems that scrolling is severely
slowed down, and one can see some tearing when eg. scrolling the
Applications screen. Are there some buffer sizes that should be

15) Terminal: The "Back" button doesn't seem to work. Choosing
Options/Exit does the trick, but gives an error: "Application
terminated: Terminal was terminated due to application error."

16) Any timeframe on a working AGPS mapping software with
autodownloadable maps....?

Thanks for all the great work so far!


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