[QTextended] Files and types

Paul paul at nlpagan.net
Wed Oct 8 16:34:13 CEST 2008

>> If it is Qt Extended, the files have to be in a folder named Documents 
>> on the SD card or in the home folder
> On Qt Extended I managed to see the pictures, by putting them in a path
> that is the file type, e.g. in Documents/images/jpeg.
> Now I can see them.

I discovered that the Documents dir on the 2nd partition of the card is 
not read. Anything in a Documents dir in the 1st partition is recognised 
without a problem. It is also nicely combined with anything in 
"Documents" in the $HOME dir on the FR.

Anything in these two Documents directories is cleanly picked up by a 
Rescan of the Documents option.


No time. Saddest words ever spoken or written.

Running on Mandriva Linux 2008 and Ubuntu 8.04

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