Echo issue on OM2008.08 solved

Daniel Nöthen bip_trash at
Wed Oct 8 17:48:57 CEST 2008

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> While I do think this is completely overcomplicated and you should
> rather rebuild the source than fiddling on this level, I'll tell you how
> to do it anyways:
> AT%CPI=4 enables the TI Calypso proprietary call progress status. See
>;a=blob_plain;f=framework/subsystems/ogsmd/modems/ti_calypso/;hb=HEAD for details on the format.
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the information.

You are right, the daemon idea isn't a good solution.
The reason why I didn't want to rebuild the sources is, that I wasn't
able to find an easy way to build the qtopia-phone-x11 stuff,
without needing to build the whole OM distribution.
Building the distro with the MokoMakefile (make setup; make image) takes 
I don't have any clue about the BitBaker stuff.

Could you tell me how I can check out the qtopia-phone-x11 source and
finally build them?

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